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adrienne simmons


For my undergraduate degree, I studied various forms of fine arts and art history, eventually landing (and excelling) in graphic deign at the University of Houston. I have also completed one year of graduate level coursework  in graphic design and bookmaking at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. We moved around a lot in my childhood, something I now consider something to be fortunate for, as I was able to explore distinct environments and enjoyed the nuances of regional cultures. These experiences have undoubtedly shaped my creative mindset and interest in social issues.
Graphic design plays a major role in my overall creative practice. It’s a chance to think outwardly, consider different perspectives, and think about design from a psychological standpoint. Being a designer is incredibly satisfying work, where I can be both pragmatic and creative, while simultaneously helping clients visualize their ideas and dreams.

artist statement

My collages are made of vintage papers exclusively because of their degradation; the texture may be brittle, but the inks are beautiful. True to my graphic design background, I was originally drawn to vintage magazines for their artwork, page layouts, and typography. Although, once I began objectively studying these vintage publications, a trend began to emerge: the commodification of women in advertising. The propaganda of an “ideal woman,” along with other fractured images of idealized indoor and outdoor environments, flora and fauna, all coalesce into a visual dystopia. I am drawn to vintage papers for my artwork, but modern issues of equality, climate change, and the stigma of mental illness are considerably strong sources of inquiry.