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adrienne simmons

in 2017, i completed my degree in fine arts at the university of houston – downtown, graduating summa cum laude, where I studied various forms of fine art and design.
recently, i have felt a push to create more projects that are more “hands on,” which i feel  is a reaction to spending most of my day working on computer-based graphic design. collage is came to me first as a way of painting with paper. originally, i was drawn to vintage magazines for their artwork, page layouts, and typography, but once i began studying vintage magazines i noticed the treatment of women in advertising – the propaganda for the ideal woman. this idea of the “ideal woman” continues to be a source of inquiry in my collage work.
graphic design plays a major role in my overall practice. working with clients to visualize their dreams and ideas, while playing a small part in helping them reach their business goals is incredibly satisfying work.
i am currently accepting freelance design and commissioned art projects. thanks to technology, you don’t have to live in houston for us to work together. i have completed quite a few projects via facetime and email. let’s chat!
feedback? questions? ready to get to work? get in touch here.