Hi, I’m Adrienne

I’m a visual artist and designer based in Houston. I graduated summa cum laude with my BAFA from the University of Houston Downtown, and my MFA in Photography and Digital Media is in progress at the University of Houston.  I consider myself lucky to have developed a successful freelance career in graphic and web design, working with solopreneurs to medium-sized businesses helping bring their vision to a life.

I like to think BIG and solve design problems.  

In my web design work, I often find myself as a UX team of one – making sure to begin from a user perspective first – and always designing with mobile responsiveness in mind. I will nerd out over typography and color combinations. I also run half-marathons.

Areas of specialization:
WordPress (web) design and implementation
Graphic design
Book design
Simple animations

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Artist Statement

I consider myself a multidisciplinary designer and artist, taking the experience that my graphic design background has afforded me, letting the research and creative intuition shape the body of work. I make books, collages, and fiber art that explores issues of equality, and the effects of climate change on bird migration and land use.

Oftentimes I feel like I work paradoxically; drawn to both chaotic maximalism and quiet minimalism. I don’t feel married to a certain way of working, but paper and thread are my favorite mediums. I am deeply interested in the hidden processes of avian migration and how humans have interrupted their patterns.

In my collage work, I use found objects, such as discarded books and vintage magazines, to create semi-autobiographical narratives about women’s rights, equality, and sexuality. Textiles are a new development in my practice, where I am being drawn to the natural fiber of cotton fabrics and thread, while also taking part in the ‘Slow Stitch’ movement as a response to our current digital age and the algorithmic push to create and share artwork at an unsustainable pace. My most enjoyable book projects are inspired by nature, where I am able to explore a subject more rigorously and not particularly bound to a sheet of paper or canvas. I am drawn to chaotic compositions that reflect the seemingly random arrangements of nature. I am inspired by artists who mastered the use of form and color, such as Henri Matisse, Robert Rauschenberg, and Hannah Höch.