every which way

[2023] every which way is a collection of printmaking, cyanotype, and textile studies relating to my MFA research on mapping, landscape, memory, and the Buffalo Bayou.

The cyanotype work refers directly back to the Buffalo Bayou, using bayou water in the cyanotype chemistry and digital negatives made from tree rubbings collected along the beginning and endpoints of the bayou. Found objects such as driftwood, shells, bottle caps join Polaroid photos as an archival document of a specific moment in the bayou’s history.

The monoprints examine the embodiment of memory and the shape they might take. Mounting the almost weightless kozo paper onto plywood alludes to the futile gesture of attempt to hold onto memories. 

The suspended soft sculptures are a visualization of memory, taking shape in found plywood and secondhand textiles, tightly bound with wire and various types of threads.


every which way
Solo show at the University of Houston | Elgin Street Studios Gallery 2