Postcards to Nowhere (Ongoing Series)

[2022-ongoing] The Postcards to Nowhere Series is dedicated to the nostalgia of family roadtrips, shared landscapes, and the futile act of attempting to preserve these memories. 

The crystallized collages were inspired by a set of vintage postcards I found at an antique shop. The cards were telling the story of El Paso and they reminded me of roadtrips and the many postcards that were purchased and mailed by my family. The idea of a generic landscape photo mailed from one person to another and that  then becoming a shared space between two people, a shared memory, a timeline, a chronological memory. I created these fragmented paper collages with that shared space in mind, nostalgic but also fallible. The crystallization acts as a way of preservation, a way for the viewer to preserve their own shared memory within. This is an entry point on how we can are the connection to a place. 

(35 crystalized collages and counting!)


Postcards to Nowhere
Approx. 5×7″ each
Found paper, borax, thread