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our mission

Modern + Exciting New Brand Identity

The Montgomery County Fair Association runs one of the most successful fairs in Texas. They came to Palm to grow their audience and re-brand their visual identity. This is their first time working with a design team, so we decided the changes needed to happen gradually to not shock their audience. Through brainstorming sessions, we researched their audience and competition. From there, we decided that a retro and rustic visual identity would be suitable for this year’s fair theme. I was tasked with bringing the new brand to life.


montgomery county fair association


palm small business marketing


2019 – 2020

our solution

An On-Trend and Rustic New Brand

My solutions were finding an impactful typeface with a retro-feel, a color palette from historic fair posters found in our research, an icon system to visually describe the different events, and other design elements to give the identity depth and a rustic feel.

additional collateral

Social Media, Print, +
Special Announcements

This brand has been implemented across a variety of deliverables, including promotional videos, maps, fliers, social media graphics, printed postcards, buttons, stickers, holiday graphics, banners, and posters.